Rosita Vintage Hotel rental

Buche Vintage Hotel in St. Gallen
Wie funktioniert das??


Weekend nights are (Thu) Fri / Sat / Sun and all bank holidays
Workday nights are Mon / Tue / Wed / (Thu)

"Smart" trailer teams (with bed linen)

A weekend night (Fri-Sat, Sat-Sun, Sun-Mon): 333 francs
Two weekend nights (Fri-Sun, Sat-Mon): 444 francs
Three weekend nights (Thu-Sun; Fri-Mon): 555 francs

One night on weekdays: 222 francs
Two nights on weekdays: 333 francs
Three nights on weekdays: 444 francs
Four nights on weekdays: 555 francs

Seven nights: 777 francs
(Additional week 699 francs)

Bigger trailer teams (without bed linen)

The larger teams for three to four people cost the same
much like the Smart-Team. But must with these the
Linens are brought by yourself.

1/2 price offers

From 111 francs can be different cult Wohnwägeli without draft horse
and booked without hotel bedding.
The price for this is half of a shared rental.


gift Certificates

Event trips

Resort at symposia, seminars, forums, meetings

Prop for stage, photo shoot, film shoot

Seminar rooms at training events

Event buffet car in the style of the Swiss cable car gondolas of the

Hotel room at big family parties


Wedding props
Retreat for the newlyweds
Romance in the great outdoors


Guided adventures across Switzerland or in the
Vierländereck CH / D / FL / A
with the travel journalist Gerold Huber