Our small caravans with their towing vehicles
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Schulze pulled by Erika: Very rare artist caravan from the GDR, with a double-arched roof and lots of real wood in the wonderfully restored interior, outside deliberately left in Shabby look. The electric Erika accelerates Schulze in record time
on the steepest alpine passes.

Mosquito pulled by Eva: The world's lightest caravan for two people is a tiny, the headroom stylish and extremely refined combined with a four-seater group, with a minimal kitchenette and a double bed: A real space saver from the GDR, pulled by a very powerful "electric convertible Lady" named Eva.

Gustav pulled by Emma: Probably the most eye-catching GDR caravan, the "Dübener Ei", is combined with a powerful electric convertible smart. By the end of the GDR, two thousand pieces of it were produced. The light but very spacious living trailer gained cult status from the 1960s.

Antonio drawn by Elsie: The Italian Antonio is labeled with "Graziella". And he was built in the 1960s as a caravan, which was pulled by a delicate Italian "Fiat500 lady". We accelerate Antonio rapidly with our electric Elsie from Germany. And she will impress you!

Max pulled by Negrita: Max Würdig loved a lot of women. Because in the 1930s, when he was denied to rent a hotel room with one of his lovers, he invented his own. Soon there was a series production. This "Dübener egg" is pulled by a black diesel convertible, which we call Negrita. A cozy team.

Waldemar pulled by Flora: he loves the color purple and dresses accordingly. Flora drinks gasoline and loves colorful autumn colors. Waldemar is like Mücke a world record holder. With its 240 kilograms, this GDR product is a sophisticated space saver.

Fabrizio pulled by Paola – the Italian seduces his compatriot: Fabrizio is a caravan of the type "Levante Graziella 300". He loves the sporty lovers curves from his lover Paola, a Fiat500 convertible. The team offers space for two adults (with up to two small children).

Jan pulled by Jane: Another Dutchman is on the way at "Retro Rolling Rosita". Jan is also a Biod Extase. He is Paul's older brother. He is pulled by the American Jane from Chrysler, a PT Cruiser. The two can accommodate two adults with up to three children.

Hugo pulled by Nora:
The tiny blue caravan brand "Heimstolz"
we call Hugo. With its 240 kilos, it is a flyweight.
Hugo is pulled by Nora,
a cozy "diesel smart lady" without convertible top.

Various other cult caravans
can be booked without towing vehicle
(without hotel bedding).
In this case, the price is half.


Weekend nights are (Thu) Fri / Sat / Sun and all bank holidays
Workday nights are Mon / Tue / Wed / (Thu)

"Smart" trailer teams (with bed linen)

A weekend night (Fri-Sat, Sat-Sun, Sun-Mon): 333 francs
Two weekend nights (Fri-Sun, Sat-Mon): 444 francs
Three weekend nights (Thu-Sun; Fri-Mon): 555 francs

One night on weekdays: 222 francs
Two nights on weekdays: 333 francs
Three nights on weekdays: 444 francs
Four nights on weekdays: 555 francs

Seven nights: 777 francs
(Additional week 699 francs)

Bigger trailer teams (without bed linen)

The larger teams for three to four people cost the same
much like the Smart-Team. But must with these the
Linens are brought by yourself.

1/2 price offers

From 111 francs can be different cult Wohnwägeli without draft horse
and booked without hotel bedding.
The price for this is half of a shared rental.


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Event trips

Resort at symposia, seminars, forums, meetings

Prop for stage, photo shoot, film shoot

Seminar rooms at training events

Event buffet car in the style of the Swiss cable car gondolas of the

Hotel room at big family parties


Wedding props
Retreat for the newlyweds
Romance in the great outdoors

Guided adventures across Switzerland or in the
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